Catching Up

Well, I’ve done it again. After my last wave of posts, I told myself “You’re going to  keep up with this from now on.” I suppose that as the semester has really started to pick up, this blog was placed into the basement of my consciousness.

So, I should probably pick up where I’d left off. To date, the semester has absolutely flown. I can’t believe that we’re currently in week six of fifteen! It’s funny how quickly the time goes, isn’t it? It seems as if I was just eagerly arriving back at school, ready for the start of a new half of the year. The spring semester appears to go so much quicker than the fall one does, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, all of my courses have been great – I love the content and the instructors. Studying what you’re actually interested in makes education much more enjoyable for the student. All in all, academics have been going very well.

On a different front, our men’s basketball team is having some kind of season. After a soul-crushing loss to Notre Dame in mid-January, they seem to have picked themselves up and have continued to win (even if those victories come at the expense of the cardiological health of the fan base). What makes this season more exciting for me is the fact that I get to travel with the Sour Sitrus Society (our pep band) to the men’s Big East Tournament, as well as every round of the NCAA Tournament that the team makes it to. Here’s hoping that they win it all!

I was recently approached by a colleague I went to high school with, who asked me to write a piece for a literary magazine at his college. Now, I’ll admit, I had no idea where to even begin; the only guidelines I was given were “poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction.” After toying with the idea of writing a hearty defense of abortion (or other various social issues), I eventually settled on writing a memoir recounting my “conversion” from conservatism to liberalism. This topic is something that I’ve been pressed to explain, and that I’ve taken much criticism for over the past few years. I figure that if I explain the process I underwent – as well as the reasoning behind it – questions may be answered, and wounds may be fully healed. This piece will not be a polemic that defends my liberal ideals, it will be only an explanation of how and why I adopted these ideals. My reasoning and judgment are my own: it would be moot to write a piece which attempts to persuade the reader into adopting my beliefs. The goal shall be to simply to give the reader a greater understanding as to why I did a proverbial “political 180” over the course of a few months. Perhaps once this piece is finished, I will share it will the readers of this blog, as well.

It’s now nearly 3 AM, and I should soon go to bed. This whole “college” thing has really tampered with my already-unusual sleeping patterns. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming days, weeks, and months. And I promise that you’ll not have to wait another month for my next post.


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