Notes toward a sketch for a political memoir

I’ve decided to write a memoir about my “political transformation” from a staunch conservative to a liberal. Below are some notes I’ve written so far.

Our politics can be a defining characteristic of perception – of how the world perceives us, and how we perceive the world.

Some accused me of forsaking my ideals – of jumping ship. I was accused of adopting this new ideology only because it had made landslide gains in the previous election cycle. My political realignment was not based on my perception of what was popular. It was based on an examination of what I thought was right.

Abraham Lincoln is a political hero of mine. During his campaign for the United States Senate, he said that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I, too was a house divided against itself. My changing and conflicting political beliefs tugged at the very core of me. What did I stand for? What did I really believe?

I began to notice a change in myself. The political ideology that had once caused me to turn away in disgust suddenly seemed to have some sort of merit. I pondered the cause of this change. During the 2008 campaign, I’d thought that Obama’s election was the worst possible scenario. As time progressed, however, it occurred to me that he might not be as bad as I’d originally thought.

These are rough notes that I’ll inevitably end up heavily revising as I continue the writing process. I’ll share more notes with you as they come to me.


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