More notes for my political memoir

Greetings, readers! I don’t have class until 2:15 tomorrow afternoon, so I decided to write out some more notes for my memoir. I wasn’t able to produce much, but here’s what I came up with:

In my senior year of high school, I had to take a course called Participation in Government. It was a basic class about how American government works. A research project about a public issue was the way we concluded our half year in P.I.G. My partner and I chose to research the healthcare reform bills that were being considered in Congress. Little did I know that this project would mark my political turning point.

Political convictions are the result of the blending of various personal beliefs. When morals are blended with ideas on state involvement and how the societal power hierarchy should be structured, a diverse (yet largely bifurcated) political spectrum emerges.

When I told my Participation in Government teacher that I had decided to register as a Democrat, she thought I was playing a cruel trick on her. We later discussed this seemingly sudden change, and I had the opportunity to explain the rationale behind it. She and another social studies teacher then hugged me, and told me that it was moments like this that made their profession all the more fulfilling.

P.I.G. challenged me try thinking from a different perspective. Peer-driven course discussions and the final research project forced me to step back and examine my own convictions. When I did this, I found that my true ideals were much different than I originally thought.


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