Reflections from the End of High School

In my senior year of high school, I decided to enroll in AP English Literature. Throughout the course of the year, we had to respond to certain writing prompts in our writing journal, or simply free write in it. Below is my penultimate entry. As I look back through these past two years, I find that the words I wrote then have proven to be true now, more than ever.

Journal 16 – Free Write

You know, for a long time now, I’ve been hearing that after prom is over, the rest of the school year will fly by. And for the longest time, I never believed them. But, I admit it–I was wrong. It is so hard to believe that we have mere days left. And after graduation, I will never see some of these people again. Such is the cruelty of high school: Friendships are made, and then these friends are scattered like seeds in a field. Some will never be seen or heard from again. Others will take root, and grow to be strong and successful. How I long to be one of these seeds. And some seeds will never take root at all. These things are unpleasant to think about, yet, such is the way of life. I’m very excited for college, but I will miss this place. I will miss it terribly. Perhaps not the building, or the classes–but the people. I will certainly miss the people.


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