I’m a Terrible Blogger…

…For the sole reason of neglecting this blog that I’d promised you, dear reader, I would attempt to update regularly.

It’s unfathomable that it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written on here. And yet, so much has happened in that year. Aside from the usual “everyone I know got a year older and wiser,” life has had its fair share of ups and downs.

I’m now a senior (!) at Syracuse, and this is my last undergraduate semester. I find myself in disbelief at how quickly things have gone, especially when considering how much has happened in such a short amount of time. The fall semester was jam-packed, as usual. Marching band took me all over the place–from a Buffalo Bills game, to Montreal, and to the Meadowlands in two weeks for the Super Bowl, where we will be performing the pre-game show with the Rutgers University Marching Band. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and I feel so fortunate to be able to take part.

Academically speaking, last semester was interesting. I’m done with my political science major requirements, so my coursework was devoted to completing my writing major and remaining liberal arts requirements. I took an introductory-level philosophy course that actually ended up being somewhat fascinating. The topics we studied included the philosophy of religion, epistemology, and theories of reality. The whole experience opened my mind to new ways of thinking about things, especially when it comes to logical reasoning.

I’m still planning on attending law school next year (because ‘more attorneys’ is just what the doctor ordered for the world, right?). Where I’ll end up, I’m not completely sure. I’m planning on applying all over the Northeast, simply because I don’t want to be too far away from home. I’m currently in the thick of the application process–be watching for angsty jeremiads about how applications are the worst thing ever.

On a personal level, I’ve forged many new friendships this year. One of the things I love about marching band is that it gives you a vast social network simply by virtue of being in it–you automatically recognize two hundred faces around campus. This year has been no different. I’ve met some wonderful new people and connected more with people I already knew. I’ve also very recently started dating this girl, Natalie, and she’s just wonderful. Really. I’m not going to spend too long gushing about her (probably because she’s going to read this at some point and call me out on it), but suffice it to say that I’m pretty happy with where I am in life right now.

I should probably wrap this up because I’m playing at a basketball game later this afternoon (in the pep band, not on the court. That would just be hilarious.). I hope you have been enjoying the new year, and I promise you that I will try to be a better blogger in 2014.




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